How to structure a progress report for online class?

We have a health education app and I want visibility into how far into the content users are getting. I’m not sure how to best structure the data we pass into Mixpanel to then use Mixpanel tools to build useful reports, and would love some help.

Imagine our app covers 10 topics, and each has a progress bar associated with it. Users make progress by watching videos and answering questions.

So imagine that a user can be 100% done with sections 1-3, 40% done with section 4, and 0% done with sections 5-10. Another user might have skipped around a bit, and be 67% with section 8, 95% done with section 9, and 0% on everything else.

One important dashboard for us will be looking at cohorts of users and seeing what their progress looks like as a group.

Here are some sample reports I could create:

Snapshot of user cohort (eg todays DAUs, or custom cohort) by median percent complete by section. So the report might show me that the median completion % for section 1 is 80%, median for section 2 is 65%, median for section 3 is 45%, etc

I might also want to see more of a distribution with a section. For example, what % of MAUs are 0% finished with section 1, 1-24%, 25-49%, 50-74%, 75-99%, 100% complete in any given section.

Another report could show % of users in some group/cohort that have finished 0 sections, finished 1 section, etc all the way to 10 finished sections.

I’d really appreciate someone helping me figure our how to structure the event data in a way that I can make reports such as the above...AND outlining how exactly to make such reports. 

FWIW our first attempt didn’t get us what we need, I don’t think. The event is called “Status” and we passed properties for each section with a property value of the numeric % complete. But I am not seeing how to create the above reports from these data.

Please help? TIA!




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@Josh_EnvisionDigital may be able to advise around the data structure here. In terms of creating the reports we have sample datasets here and a number of training videos on reports in our help documents here. Failing that you can attend the next Mixpanel for All webinar here for help with specific reports.

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Hey @Shannon.Field , I hope you are well

Boy, you are getting into some complex use here - I LOVE it.


First of all, what is the name of your app, if you don’t mind me asking? I would love to take a look and get a feel for what you are trying to accomplish by playing around with it?
We handle many implementation plans and I always find just tapping around and interacting is the best way to get a grip on what biz owners are trying to achieve.

Secondly, there are a couple of different ways you can technically achieve this. It all depends on whether you are running computations for this on your server at all or if it is all being handled device-side.

By the sounds of it, the most basic form of collecting this information could be to trigger events in the section and pass the progress status as a super property. You can then have a “Section Completed” event potentially to signify it has reached 100%.

This comes down to how the data is being sent to Mixpanel. Because, in your example of percentage ranges, you can then create a custom property to see these ranges by specific sections or overall categories for further analysis.


Let me know on a couple of points above and hopefully we can help you out :thumbsup_tone1: