How to solve Bracket Retention on mixpanel?

  • 22 November 2019
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Hey all, really appreciate your time looking through this post.

Trying to figure out how to determine retention for the following: Bracketed retention for Day 0-7, 8-15, 16-30.

I'd like to know the retention number for users who come on day 0 and come back on any day between days 1-7. By day 7, what is the % of unique users who came back at least once any one of those days?

Here's what i did — I went to the retention tab and set it to 'reoccuring'. I then picked a day (oct 1 for example) i wanted to observe and calculated data for 30 days (with just the oct 1 cohort).

My problem is that it seems like Day 7 users are only unique for that specific day. For example, out of the 1000 users that came oct 0, on oct 8, 300 users came back. This however does not tell me about the other 700 users that might have appeared days 2 - 6.

For now, i just take total unique users from day 7 and divide them by total unique users day 0. I do the same for day 8 - 15 and again for 16-30.

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Hi @prettyflakod

Have you considered using a Weekly retention report to find these values?

The option is located on the right side of the retention report, circled in pink:

This will let you see the unique retention values for days 0-7, 8-14, etc. Each column represents 24*7 hours from the time that the user performed the qualifying event in the retention report.

From there, you could either narrow in on the date by creating a cohort for Oct 1 only, or you could select the date parameters to a range such as Oct 1 - Oct 2.

Let me know if this helps!