How to measure retention when using cohorts?

  • 16 July 2022
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I am getting stuck with this report. I previously posted this and decided to forgo the culmulative 60s of song play by user_id and song_id and instead opt for just cumulative 60s of song play by user_id.

Therefore, I now have a cohort that is like this:

Active Users

These are my active users. Now I want to measure retention for this cohort, but I am stuck on what the 2 events should be in the retention report.

I have gone back and forth between using A and B as both `DidPlaySong`, or A is `DidSignUp` and B is `DidPlaySong`, also have done A is `DidSignUp` for the first time and B is `DidPlaySong` all of which show slithly different results. I briefly did try using A is `App Session` and B is `DidPlaySong`.

In this graph where I have “On Each Week” does this mean both A and B events have to happen on each week or is it just event A has to happen once then B has to happen every week thereafter to count as 1 for a single user?

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