How to have more than 25 categories in a single breakdown all checked in (enabled) by default ?

  • 2 April 2021
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I have an Insight Report with All Events (total) breakdown by Event Name. I have a total of 65 different event name categories created by this single breakdown. However by default only the first 24 top used event categories are checked in (enabled). The rest of them are unchecked and aggregated into the Others category. Can I prevent this and have all categories checked in by default ?

It seems that even if I have 41 categories unchecked they are still ordered by the total value so this is actually a good feature. However when I order the value column from 1 to 100, the last checked category (containing the least amount of values) is showed first, but if I check the last unchecked category then the graph updates and place this last checked category first since it has the least amount of values and was moved from Other category to the actual list. For someone looking on the graph this might be confusing, he needs to always check the last unchecked event name category to actually find the least used event.


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here is a small hack to ensure all categories are checked.

breakdown by desire property > click to uncheck “other” > click select all > copy the url.
open this saved url in different tab and you should see the report with all the categories selected by default.