How to go about getting customer lifespan in an insight

  • 10 September 2020
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Hi all, 

I’m just getting started with mixpanel so please forgive me if I’m misunderstanding any core concepts here. 

I’m trying to work out how I’d go about getting the average customer lifespan in to an insight so I can use it in formulas etc. 

We have the following events coming in to mixpanel (New Subscription, Subscription Cancellation) so how would I go about measuring the average time between those two events in order to use it in a calculation? 

For context. I’m working through this guide on caclulating LTV

Very grateful in advance for any help :) 

2 replies


Are you capturing ‘date’ as a property of when New Subscription and Subscription Cancellation is occurring?

I would export into a .csv the ‘date’ data for those events, broken down by email or unique user id.

Filter those events to whatever cohort you want and for whatever date range you want.

In your spreadsheet calculate lifetime value for each user by subscription cancellation date minus new subscription date.

Then average the LTV for each user to get average LTV of your chosen cohort.





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It might work better to put “Subscribed Date” and “Subscription Cancelled Date” as user properties. Then you can create a custom profile property which is the difference between the two as the life span of one particular customer.

In the “Profile Analysis” tab of insights, you can plot this custom profile property.