How to get weekly totals of event B for all users who did event A (e.g. weekly registrations)?

Looking for a way to define weekly registration/sign-up cohorts in the Mixpanel dashboard.

I have a “sign-in” event (can occur repeatedly) and with the 1st-time filter can show the number of sign-ups per day, week, month etc in an insights report.

Now I want to analyze other events such as “watched video” by registration/sign-up cohort.

I can use the retention report to do this for uniques, i.e. how many unique users who signed up in a given week, came back to watch a video x weeks later. I am, however, after totals, i.e. how many videos did the cohort that signed up in a given week watch in a total per week.

The same is true for funnels. You can group users by sign-up week and show conversion to another event. But it’s also doing unique counts.

Does anybody know a way to achieve this?

I want to see how many times event B was done by all users who did event A during calendar weeks a, b, c, etc.

An example of using this, would be to compare total activity levels of all users by weekly cohort. Another nice use case is calculating the k-factor by looking at how many users who signed up in a given week, had an invite accepted in the following weeks.

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