How to get cumulative of unique users over time in the Insights Report?

  • 16 July 2020
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In the insights report, by selecting the Cumulative chart option, cumulative events data is reported. While that works well for Totals, it doesn’t work well for Uniques. For e.g., if I am trying to see cumulative viewership of some content over a six month period, reported weekly, if I select the Cumulative chart option, it sums up the unique viewership of each week, without de-duplicating the overlapping users - as is done in a Bar chart. In that sense, it is not truly reporting the distinct Unique values. When I try using it, it reports a cumulative Unique count as a value X, which is 10 times more than the entire Unique viewership for the entire season.

1 reply

Hi Anubhav, good question. I would use cohorts over time in Insights as the best way to cumulatively visualize unique users over time without running into the deduplication issue you’ve described. Here’s a loom video I made showing what this looks like:

Hope that helps! And here’s a link to the insights report I made in the video.