How to create funnels from traffic coming from UTMs?

  • 6 October 2020
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Hello! Sorry if this is a dumb question- I’m fairly new to mixpanel and I’m trying to track which traffic are coming in to our site using the different URLs with UTMs. My ideal outcome for this is that I can set up different funnels for traffic that came in through UTM 1, another for UTM 2, another for UTM 3, and so on. Is that possible?


If it is, how do we set that up? We already added the code to collect last touch UTMs to our site but I’m not sure what event records this data. I already tried using the events $current_url$referrer, and $initial_referrer but we haven’t been seeing data after we ran some tests.


Hoping to get some help 🙂 Thanks! 

1 reply

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@lenlituhoy —

No dumb questions! The best part about asking questions here in QBQ, is that someone else probably has the same question, so this will help them in the future as well. :)  I’m really glad that you posted this.


It looks like you posted the same question in this thread, where I  shared an answer. Let me know how it goes!