How to create a cohort around increasing or decreasing activity over a period of time

  • 10 September 2021
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I would like to view a cohort of users (or groups) that shows decreasing activity (key event) over time. For example, I want to see a group of users who 60 days ago performed an action 30 times per week, but in the last week performed it 10 or fewer times. Alternatively to set some threshold such as > 50% decrease. 

I can’t quite figure out if there is a way to construct such a comparison.  The important thing is the degree of change. 

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!



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2 replies


I think I solved my own problem :flushed:

I was trying to solve this with various reports, because I didn’t realize that you can create Cohorts using a “rolling” time period comparison. Here is a screenshot of my solution. 


Note the “Last 7 days, ending 14 days ago”. That allowed me to set the period of comparison (I had missed the “Ending” button). 


I thought about deleting my post, but figured others might have the same question. This article was particularly helpful:




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Matt here.  I’m a CSM at Mixpanel, and this is a great question!  I recommend you build a cohort like this from the Users tab:


This is utilizing the time frame ability to target a range of days ending on a certain day (pretty nifty feature!).  


Setting a percentage threshold is a bit trickier.  I think an insight report might be able to do the job if needed (although I’d have to give it a bit of a think).  I’ll report back later if I come up with anything else.  Hopefully this cohort build works for you though!