How to Compare two Properties on one Event?

Hi there,

I want to compare two Properties (Number) on one Event. So my event has two Properties Event::left and Event::right and i want to Compare this two Numbers against each other.

Is there a way to do this? I did not found out how i can achieve this. 


Thanks for your Help.


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@surtic86 can you be more specific on how do you want to compare those two properties? You can breakdown by both of them to see them side by side. 

You can also add the same event twice in the insight report and perform aggregated functions (such as average) for both properties, one property per event selected in the report.  

Hi there, 


Well i just found out how it goes. Did miss the Aggregate function on the added Events. This way i was able to let the sum the Property (leftSwipes on each and compare it with rightSwipes).



Thanks anyway for your help.