How to clean (remove) undefined category from Insights with First App Open Date (month) breakdown ?

  • 7 April 2021
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    I have some Insights with some data and I use First App Open Date (month) breakdown. It seems that apart from different months categories there is one more category named “undefined”. How can I remove this category to not be shown at all ? I do not want to exclude the “undefined” category by simply unchecking it and “Other” from the category checkboxes (this is a solution but is not acceptable). What to do, to simply not count this category at all by default ? I tried to use a filter like First App Open Date (is set) but there is no such option. 


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1 reply

Problem solved, in lack of “is set” I have used a filter with First App Open Date since a long date ago… It seems that this method filters out the “undefined” category without affecting other data.

This thread can be closed / removed. Thank you !