How to change chart type in dashboard card?

I would like the chart to be shown in the dashboard card in the same chart type that it has been saved as in an Analysis report, in this case a line chart.

When I view the report under ‘Analysis’, the following are the chart type options that are available for this data set:


However, when displaying this saved report in the dashboard (same data-set), I am unable to display it as a line chart:


In this case, ‘Bar’ or ‘Metric’ are not useful chart formats for this data-set.

Whereas for some other cards in the dashboard, I have the full set of chart types available to choose from.


Why would the limitation of chart type options for certain dashboard cards be occurring (with different chart options than those available in ‘Analysis’ reports? In my current case, how can I select the correct chart type for the dashboard card (a line chart)?

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The analysis report referred to in my case is Analysis → Retention → Frequency tab → line curve

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Hi @Chiran 


Unfortunately this is a limitation in the current dashboard card performance for Retention metrics.

The charts, and how to interpret them, are outlined in our help documentation here.


We are however always working to improve our reports, and I’m sure this capability is being worked on right now. The line curve chart in Retention itself has only recently been revamped so it won’t be long before we support this view within the dashboard itself.


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