How to calculate weekly active time per user

  • 5 August 2020
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I’m trying to understand how much time (in minutes) do users spend on the app every week and have come up with the below implementation. Would this be the correct way of deriving the data, combined with a chart in weekly increments, or is there a simpler way of obtaining the result?

My thinking is that A is the average duration of a session of that week, multiplied by B, which is the average number of sessions per user over that time period. 


3 replies

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Hi jagagnon,


Here’s a quick way to get a sense of what the average duration per session is for your users:


If you want to change the duration to minutes, you can create a custom property to do so:



Here’s another way to understand what the spread is for duration across your users:

Pro-tip - you can customise the range for the seconds. 


Hope that helps!

This is very helpful Perishan! To confirm, this workflow allows me to calculate the average time spent on the app per day / week / month per user when there are multiple sessions in that time interval? You mention ‘average duration per session’ in your response, which is not exactly what I’m after. 

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Well, as of now, you can change the session definition in your project settings to 24 hours - in which case then yes, you can calculate the average time spent on the app per day. Unfortunately for time-based sessions (the other option is event based sessions), they time out at 24 hours, so you can’t quite use that to calculate time spent out of the box for weekly or monthly intervals.


More documentation on sessions can be found here: