How to calculate number users with x n. of sessions?

  • 15 April 2020
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hi there,

my idea is to know the number of user with:

  • 2 or more sessions
  • 3 and more sessions
  • 6 and more sessions

and so on.

What is the best way to do so?


Best answer by Jaz-CommunityManager 2 August 2021, 09:55

@swaylo @allison_tl @jbyizzle @fabiopal  you are now able to do this with the new cohort builder detailed here. We also showed it in the recent product update webinar here

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9 replies

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Hi @fabiopal,


Depending on the way your sessions are set in Mixpanel (event or timeout based sessions) will determine how you would build your report to get sessions per user.

To look for sessions per user, I would use the Insights report for this. For example, I am using timeout based session (default 30 mins) and I want to get the number of session per user on all my events. To do this I would look at the All events by session, breakdown by email to identify each user. (picture below)



Let me know if this helps!

it kind of help yes. But how do I get the tot number of users with 2 monthly sessions for example? 

in the example given I can see which users had 2 or more sessions, but I don’t visualise the total number of users.

I would need something like this:

monthly sessions 2 = X users 

monthly sessions 3 = Y users



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Hi @fabiopal,

Maybe you’d like to look into building cohorts based on either the App Session event (which by default, executes when the user spends more than 10 seconds in the app -- see here) or a “value moment” event that reflects that the user did an important action in your app (ie: played a game, listened to a song, sent a friend request, booked a trip, etc.). Here’s an example:

Would this be more adequate for what you’re looking for?

unfortunately I have a website app and not a mobile one :expressionless:

I will try to find out how to define my engaged users without calculating this on the session but more on some events.

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@fabiopal oh I see, can you perhaps share a link to your website? I can take a look and give my “user” opinion of what would be “valuable” for me. Otherwise, I highly recommend our Guide to product metrics - it can really help in your exercise to define the right metrics to measure the engagement / activation / retention of your users. 

I have this same question/problem. It seems slightly absurd that I can’t answer such a fundamental question about my users. 

Hi!  I’m also looking to do this. Has anyone come up with an easy way to segment users by # of sessions?

I am having the same issue. I want a cohort of users that log in on average 3 times per week. I can’t achieve this as I am aware. 

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@swaylo @allison_tl @jbyizzle @fabiopal  you are now able to do this with the new cohort builder detailed here. We also showed it in the recent product update webinar here