How does "Totals" Conversion Criteria work?

  • 17 January 2022
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Suppose I have a page with the following events:

1. event "page_1st" when viewing the page
2. event "signup" when clicking on a signup button
3. event "sigin" when clicking on a signin button


Now supplose I 
opened my page from a computer, 
opened my page from an another computer, 
updated the page for 2 times,
clicked the signup button,
updated the page for 1 time.

As you see I haven't clicked on the signin button.

If I open Mixpanel Events I'll see:

Event_Name | Distinct_ID
page_1st   | user_B
signup     | user_B
page_1st   | user_B
page_1st   | user_B
page_1st   | user_B
page_1st   | user_A

It's OK.


But if I open Mixpanel Reports -> funnel and choose events page_1st->signin and Conversion Criteria "TOTALS", I'll see conversion 2-> 0.
Why isn't it 5 -> 0?

If I choose events page_1st->signup and Conversion Criteria "TOTALS", I'll see conversion 3-> 1.
Why isn't it 5 -> 1?

How does it work?


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Hi @Vadim 


Sorry it took so long to get back you about this.

Totals in funnels counts your conversion through the funnel, but only counts you more than once if you have either converted through the funnel (done all steps), or if you have timed out (conversion window closes). Only if you have done these do we count you again in the funnel if you start again.


This means that when looking at Mixpanel we are only counting your 2 users who started the funnel, but because they didn’t convert through each step, and the conversion window was still open, we didn’t count their starting events again.


I hope that makes sense.