How does one create a funnel where a property from one event should be found in a property of a subsequent event?

  • 23 September 2020
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I have 2 events let’s call them:

  1. Filter Tag Selected
  2. Message View

Event 1 has a property called tag which is the tag that was selected and Event 2 has a property of type list that contains a list of all the tags associated with that message. How can I create a funnel where Event 2 is filtered to only including events that have the tag from Event 1 in ONE of those list items?

I am thinking i have to use JQL?

1 reply

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@bbhardhat —

You can create a funnel of the following:

Step 1: “Filter Tag Selected” where “Tag” = X

Step 2: “Message View”

And then you can segment the report by “Type list” 


But it sounds like you want to only segment by the type list that was connected to the tag from Step 1, and it is possible for a user to select different Tag and Type List combinations.


Two questions:

1- Are you tracking “Tag” as a property for “Message View”? If this is the case, then you can select holding “Tag” property constant in the modal below:


2- If not, can you try limiting the time to convert, so that you only see the Type List associated? 

Let us know what you ended up doing! I bet other users would be curious to see your solution too.