How do you measure DAU/WAU/MAU using cohorts?

  • 25 July 2022
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When defining Active to be complex like this:

If I want to measure DAU/WAU/MAU I am stuck on how to do this using the insights report.

In insight reports adding cohort gives me just a rising number of users instead of bucketized by day, week, or month which is what you would get if you used a single event and used the built in DAU/WAU/MAU function inside the insights report.

This is what I mean when using insights report and cohorts instead of events. This is not what I want as it is not WAU/DAU/MAU.


If I use the same event instead of a cohort in the insights report and then filter by my cohort then it works, but not sure if this is how I should be doing it?


1 reply

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@univoicer this is how you should be doing it! Insights report filtered by your cohort(s) will get you what you need