How do you extend the number of reports in Email Digest?

I want the Email Digest to show all reports of my dashboard and not cut it off. Is that possible? And is it possible to remove the “go to dashboard” CTA? 

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Hi @Sebastiaan 


Unfortunately these options are not configurable within the Email Digest in your project, reports are limited to top 8, and the button will remain in the email to take the recipient to your dashboard.


Can I ask what the reason is behind wanting to remove this button?




Hi Matt,

I want to show dashboards to external customers, without having them to click/edit anything. So an email would also work, but the email only shows 8 reports, but my dashboard has 25+

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Ah ok.

Then yes unfortunately the digest does have limited functionality here. It would be limited to 8 dashboard reports, but if the user does not have access to your project then they would not be able to click, edit, or amend any of your reports. Even if they don’t have a Mixpanel account they can still receive the email.