How do I track Enrollments for a specific course in Thinkific?

  • 11 January 2022
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I have 3 courses. Some users enroll themselves and some users are enrolled by our staff. I need to be able to track all full enrollments (excluding trial enrollments) whether they come from the user or are completed by our staff. Ideally


Is there a way to get that information into a report? 


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Hi @Sean Allen 


Sorry it took so long to get back you about this.

This is definitely something you should be able to do in Mixpanel, but it does depend on the events and properties you are sending to your project. If you are sending “Course Enrolled” events then properties breaking out “Enrollment Type” along with attribution properties you should be able to break this down pretty easily.



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@Sean Allen , You can use Thinkific webhook or its events to sent enrollment and lesson related events to Mixpanel. Thinkific events are easier to set up but requirement is that user perform it themselves. But with webhook you can track when admin marks complete as well.

here is a related guide on tracking using Thinkific events