How do I share reports between projects

  • 21 August 2019
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The context is that we have a mobile app that has multiple environments (DEV, SANDBOX, PRE-PRODUCTION, PRODUCTION). The app itself is identical, but the data for all the different variants is isolated and lives on different servers and databases.

In order to separate the analytics from the different builds, we have created one Mixpanel project for each build. Whenever I define a report, I want the report definition to be present in all the different mixpanel projects I have created. The data will, of course, be different, but I need the report itself to be shared so that I don't need to redefine the report across all projects.

Is this possible? If not, is there any other way of achieving what I need?


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Hi @vinay_obvious,

Unfortunately, each project is independent of each other so you will not be able to move saved report searches across projects. You would have to recreate the reports from scratch in your other projects.

I think this is a great feedback for our saved reports! Mind posting this in the ideas section (rather than Q&A) so that it can get some votes from the community and better visibility from our product team? Adding the topic tag of "Saved Reports" or "Move Across projects" might also help for better search-ability.

Hi @stephanie

I came here for the exact same requirements Vinay pointed out. The ideas section link is broken, or I’d comment there.

I’m surprised this isn’t a top high priority feature. Manually having to replicate reports/dashboards leads to errors and mistakes in implementations. Ideally we catch something wrong about how we’re creating events, profiles, and etc BEFORE going live and realizing our reports, dashboards, and other configurations have been done incorrectly.

This feature should definitely be a priority. It’s time consuming to replicate work. Sounds dummy

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I have this need as well.  Here’s a link to one of the ideas around this that might help.

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We’ve tried to resolve this with Data Views, and then enable you to duplicate reports and dashboards. I know it doesn’t resolve things when you’ve already implemented into 2 projects, but would this resolve it for you? 

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Right, Data Views is working well for this if data can be sent to one project.  In most cases it can be but for any data that doesn’t share a central distinct-id it’s a tough decision to make to move to a centralize project.   In some cases it may still make sense to have separate projects but there’s pros and cons to that today. 

There are still some rough edges with Data View reporting.  It’s incredibly difficult to know which View a report is intended to work for.  All reports created to the project are always available regardless of what View you are in.  I am reluctant to start building and saving my reports just yet because of this.

We as an organization are at a point to find other options. Exploring other products to find the right fit. Seems like this has been an ongoing issue for over a year. 

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@scottk that makes sense, thanks for the added detail!


@boss - a work around that may be helpful to you if your events are named the same in separate projects is to build it in one project, and then change the project ID in the URL. All of our reports are URL encoded until they are saved, so this would populate the same report in a separate project so long as the events are the same! If you have any added detail on your issues I’d love to hear those too — if they are unrelated to this post maybe create a separate question and others may chime in on the feed with their experience too!

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+1 for this idea. Need a dashboard that can report across all projects. In Mixpanel settings, having the ability to create an Organization Dashboard would solve this problem.

User Case:

I need to see the current screen resolution for all users, across all projects, all in one place.

Hi @cherise , thank you for giving us a solution ! Could you give us an example of a project ID change in a URL, in order to copy a dashboard with the same events from a project to another ? 
Thank you ! 

Hi @Muffaddal Qutbuddin, could you give us an example of a project ID change in a URL, in order to copy a dashboard with the same events from a project to another ? 
Thank you ! 

Submitted as idea: 



I've upvoted the idea of sharing/moving reports across projects as it would be useful to me too. We are an events platform, and each event has its own project but often similar reporting requirements.

Rolling all data into one project (and using data views) isn't an option for us because we need to be able to erase an individual project if requested by a client, along with other data protection considerations.

The suggestion from @cherise to change the project ID in the URL does work, but note that you also have to change any cohort ID if you are using cohorts (two otherwise identical cohorts in two different projects will have different IDs).

I actually came here because I was looking for a way to copy an entire project along with all of its Insight reports (but not the user/event data). This would be useful when first setting up a project. You could either base a new project on an existing project, or else spin up multiple projects with the same reports (eg where you have different projects for different environments).