How do I filter insights by a sum of event values?

  • 16 June 2020
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I am attempting to filter users by summing the integer value of an event.

For a purchase event, I want to sum the cost and find out if the user has spent more than X in a specified date range. I want to filter only users that fit this criteria. I have managed to list these by using the aggregate, but I’m not sure how to filter by the sum.

Can you help me set this up in insights please?


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Hi @Midnite - unfortunately, this isn’t supported at this moment, but is on our short term roadmap, so stay tuned!

I’ll update this thread when this is supported as a beta.




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Update: never mind … I was looking at a string property. Is see greater than on an integer.


@moinakb Any updates on this one?

I have a similar use case where I want to show a report where page load time was over 30 seconds. I don’t see a “greater than” option in the filters.

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@ynosenko Could you share a link to a report? 

Filtering a report down by values (e.g. show me avg spend broken down by city, but only show cities that have avg spend value > 100) is still on the roadmap and if that is what you are after, I’ll keep you posted when that is ready, but if you are only looking to filter down a report by “users that spent more than $100 between May 15 - May 22”, that is now supported with a new Cohort builder experience like this:


This new experience is still in a beta, so if you’d like to try this out, please send us a message on and we will get you set up.





I have the same issue when trying to filter out users with less than 10 events, is there an update? or maybe another way I can achieve that?  

Thank you!