How do I compute growth rate for a metric ?

  • 15 September 2020
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From the insights tab I am able to check the daily numbers for a given metric, e.g. DAU/WAU/MAU, but i wanted to check how the daily growth rate is changing over time, is there a way to plot this ?


i.e growth rate  = (metric(t) - metric(t-1))/(metric(t-1))

3 replies


I’ve been manually inputting the numbers into a spreadsheet, and then converting the trends to charts.

MAUs Mixpanel can automatically calculate. However, I’m not sure how accurate the automatic WAU/DAU feature is as it doesn’t seem to work for me. When I use it, it just gives me a line chart but doesn’t show the actual metric.

Here is how I have been getting the WAU and DAU data:

I have been manually selecting a time-frame of 7 days x 4 for each month. I look at the total displayed in the bar chart = this equals active users during each week of the month. I then average the active users across each of the 4 weeks to get average WAUs for the month.


For DAUs I export the monthly line chart data of engaged users as a .csv file. I then average the daily engaged users to get average DAU for the month.

Thanks for your response, Given how prevelant growth rates are in product analytics - I really wish if there was a way to plot growth rates in mixpanel itself.


There was a work-around posted here which you could try