How do I compare my users' usage if they started using my service in different months?

  • 11 November 2020
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I work for a business which sells a one year license to use our product. We’re trying to understand if that 1 year license is the most effective time frame, and doing so by understanding if there’s a difference in the way users use the product in month one compared to, say, month six. 

Because our users will start using the service in different months (one user might have a license that runs from January 2019 to January 2020, and another user might have a license that goes from July 2019 to July 2020), we need to be able to normalise’ those months in some way to show us what my users’ collective usage is over a 12 month period. We’d like to define a date property of ‘Month 1’ which is 30 days after they signed up, ‘Month 2’ which is 30 days after ‘Month 1’ and so forth. I’ve attached a sketch (the pdf) to show how this would look.

Wondering if this is possible within Mixpanel or if anyone has any good resources on how to conduct this type of analysis!

Thanks, James


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Hi James,

We released a few months ago, a new user property called “First Seen”. This shows you the first time a user joined your site / app and did anything. You could create cohorts based on this user property like that:


And use it in a report like this to compare user behaviour. Would that work?

You can also run a similar analysis in a retention report, which might help answer your question on your customers’ retention rate, using the custom property to calculate the months from First Seen.


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Set a profile property which has license starting month or date.

Then for the relevant event, set up a custom property using DATEDIF function that gives the difference between Date of the event and profile property “license starting month”. Break down or filter relevant reports on this custom property.