How do I add a Flow report to a dashboard?

  • 3 February 2021
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It does not seem apparent to me that I can add a newly created Flow report to an existing dashboard. All other report types do show up though.

I would appreciate guidance from you regarding that is even possible at all. Thanks!

1 reply



I have the same question. 
Searching through your documentation, it looks like it is not possible:

  • Starting from a dashboard, adding a report can be done via the "Add Report" button near the top right of the dashboard, or if the dashboard is empty, from the center of the page. This will open a popup from which you can select any number of Insights, Funnels, and Retention reports. Select the appropriate reports, then click "Add Reports" at the bottom right of the popup.


I also don’t see the add to dashboard button on the Flows Report

From my understanding, this means that if I want to check in on a flow regularly then I have to 

  1. Open the Flows section.
  2. Click open. 
  3. Find the report.
  4. Scroll down to see the results

Its also frustrating to not have immediate visibility and access to my existing Flow reports at this level.

Help me understand why this is a decision that makes sense for users. Do I need to upgrade my plan?