How do funnels show data when breakdown is used on a property of the last event, not present in any other event.

  • 11 April 2022
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I am carrying out an analysis to understand how many users view a product, after viewing a collection. It is a 2 step funnel. 

I breakdown this funnel on the property “Viewed product available” which is TRUE when product is available, and FALSE when it’s not. This property comes with the view a product event only. 

The data that I see is weird. Here is a snapshot. 

As you can see, for TRUE, it shows 100% conversion rate, which is obviously false. 

Now, here is what I make of it. 

As the property “Viewed product available” is only sent with view a product event, Mixpanel has no way to know whether to attribute viewed a collection event to TRUE or FALSE. 

If this is the case, shouldn’t Mixpanel show the funnel in a different way → The Viewed collection is a single bar chart, and that is broken down into TRUE and FALSE. This would be a better indication. 

I’d like to ask the experts if what I’m saying makes sense, or am I missing something?


Would really appreciate some help!





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Hi Ansh,


It sounds like you have a good understanding of this situation.  If breaking down by a property that will only be true if the funnel is converted (as you are doing), then the breakdown will look like this.  If the “Viewed product available” property is true, then the user must have converted because Mixpanel will only know that this is true if the user got to step 2.  


Now to your suggestion: I think you’re right.  It would be great if we could visualize this in some better way.  Would doing something with the comparison funnel feature work for you? 


Hey Matt, 


You make sense. The first part of your answer stands even for FALSE. Only if the user converted, does Mixpanel know that the property was FALSE. 

The Compare events part can definitely work. Will look into it.