How can WAU / MAU be greater than 1?

  • 22 May 2020
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I’m wondering how to interpret a DAU value of “50” in my insights report.


Here’s what I did:

  1. In the “Events & Cohorts” section, I choose an event like “user clicked purchase”, then I chose “WAU” instead of “total”. Then I add another event of “user clicked purchase” with MAU.
  2. In formulas, I do A / B, which is WAU / MAU.
  3. I save the chart. I add it to my dashboard. 

Now in my dashboard, the first few weeks of the chart show a WAU / MAU greater than 1. How is that possible? Any user who is a WAU is also a MAU. So this should at most be 1. 

2 replies

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hi @donpinkus-h1 - would you be able to share a link to the report?

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@donpinkus-h1 if you are able to private message a link to the report that would help @moinakb dig into it further. That said, please be careful sharing your personal data in QBQ, and only share data that you have ownership of.


Are you seeing the expected report in Insights, but unexpected values in your dashboard?  Or do both of your reports show a WAU/MAU greater than 1. A suggestion that came to mind is to check whether you have any additional filters that are getting applied to the dashboard card, which is not applied in the original report.