How can I see when users did events in their own time zone?

  • 13 November 2020
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Is there a way to see when users did events relative to their local time?

Ex. I’m interested in seeing what time of day users are using our mobile app, but it’s unclear to me whether there’s actually a way to see that in Mixpanel, or if I can only ever see the time events happened relative to the project time zone. Based on the timezone documentation I’ve read here, all timestamps are recorded in the project’s time zone, but if that was also the only way to see them in reports the “time of day” breakdown wouldn’t really be accurate to the user’s experience, would it? If I see lots of events showing up at 5AM (PST) but most of the users are on EST, then a 5AM spike wouldn’t actually represent early-morning use.

We do store $timezone as a user property. Perhaps there’s a way to create a custom time property that incorporates the user’s timezone?


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I have the same question. As getting the idea of time when users perform a particular activity can definitely help the app owners or marketers for marketing purposes.

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Hi Amyp and Jesus107,


This is a gap right now to have multiple time zones. Currently, the workaround now would be to keep the project times in your HQ time zone, but add properties for the user’s local time when the event was fired, and the time zone the user was in. Example, add these properties to your events: 

user_timestamp: 2020-03-25T21:53:01.0581931Z
user_timezone: "UTC+12:00"

Hello Peishan

Can you help me check my understanding?

Let’s say HQ time is -0400 (EDT) and user time is +0200 (CEST). At 9:00am CEST an event is tracked. Is this what I would add:

user_timestamp: "2020-03-25T07:00:00.0000000Z",
user_timezone: "UTC+02:00"

And then once I added these properties, would I be able to breakdown events by hour of day somehow?

Right now I’m confused how this would work because it seems like in Mixpanel the event would be recorded as 3am (HQ timezone) so when I try to breakdown “user_timestamp” by hour of day I would not even see the right times still.

What if I adjusted the user time offset by the opposite of HQ time? So instead I would track this:

user_timestamp: "2020-03-25T13:00:00.0000000Z",

And then Mixpanel would store this as 9am right? Then in the UI we could finally see the events broken down by the user’s hour of day.