How can I measure DAUs and MAUs?

  • 11 September 2018
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Hi - I'm trying to group some of my users together so I can get a better idea of how often they're using my app and what they're doing with it. I would like to this by defining Daily Active Users and Monthly Active Users. How can I do it?


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Hey @willyv... great question! Angela here from Mixpanel Support, happy to dive into MAU/DAUs.

It will depend on how you define an "active" user. Does a user simply have to open the app, or do they have to perform a specific event like "Play Song"? Once this has been decided, there's a couple of tactics you can use:

Custom Events

Define a set of events performed by the user by combining them (event A or event B or event c).


On our enterprise plans, we offer the cohorts feature where you can create a group of users based on properties or events they have or have not performed.

Once you've defined your DAU/MAUs, you can then use the groups to filter in reports such as Insights and Retention.

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@willyv we now support the ability to easily calculate DAU (daily active users), WAU (weekly active users), and MAU (monthly active users) for any event (or custom event) of your choice, and with this, you can also easily calculate the stickiness of your product (DAU/MAU or DAU/WAU). Please take the thread in this post for more information

What about recurring DAU? Trying to work out how to do this -- i.e. - users that took an action today AND yesterday. Is there a way to do this easily in mixpanel?

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@lemj23 to do this you would just set the date filter on the report to show daily. You can also create a cohort to show the users who did an event 7 times in 7 days on unique days for instance in the picture below. I’ve created the example in our sample dataset here. Does this help?