How can I calculate the number of accounts with a User property set to a specific value

  • 6 August 2020
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Hey all, 


In our Mixpanel project we have Group analytics enabled and I’m trying to filter my Group Analytics to accounts who have a User with a given trait e.g. Accounts with User on a beta experience.


Whenever I switch to do analysis at a Group Key level, I lose the ability to use User level filters. Is what I’m trying to do actually possible?





1 reply

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@tomslade15 —

What you are trying to answer is definitely possible with Mixpanel, but it requires that this information is tracked as a Group property

To take a step back, a default Mixpanel report tracks unique activity by a users’s distinct_id. That ID is the same ID that is associated with the user’s event and the user property. 

When you switch from using the user’s distinct_id to a group ID, the properties need to be accessible at that level. If they are tracked as a Group property then you will be able to break down the report, but if they are stored at the user property level, then you will not. 

Group analytics does not use user data when joining events to the group —it joins event data by the group key and user data by the group key separately. The best rule of thumb to follow is to add the group key as a property on all events and user profiles.