Hourly reports saved to dashboard are in UTC

  • 5 April 2019
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We have two hourly reports saved to a dashboard and both of them report events in UTC. If you open either of the reports by clicking on the title from the dashboard, the time is then converted to our project timezone (Pacific Time). Is that expected? Are the dashboard hourly reports supposed to be in UTC instead of the timezone we have selected for the project?


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2 replies

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that's weird—I was under the impression from reading this ( that your supposed to send in data in UTC and then mix panel saves all your data in your project timezone (and that it should look the same on all reports)

Is it something where on the /dashboard it says your users did event "X" 20 times on 4/6 at 8 PM, but then when you go to /insights it shows the same 20 times of event X but at 1 PM?

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@donna.stephenson To answer your question, yes. For example, events that happen at 8pm PDT today are reported as occurring at 8pm [today's date] in Insights but at 3am [next day] via the Dashboard. PDT = UTC-7 so I would assume the discrepancy is because the dashboard is reporting the events in UTC instead of the project's time zone (PDT).