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  • 20 December 2021
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Hi there,

Is there a way to hide Identify events? I don't see the Identify event in the list of events.

We are calling the identify event for each page load and it's get too crowded on the user activity page.



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Hey @kalo_encharge The $identify (Identify) event it's already hidden from reports and this can be setup at Data Management - Lexicon

For the user feed, it's not possible to hide it. There is an option on the top right corner of the feed to hide events that does not include the identify event. 

As a workaround, you could add the $identify as part of the excludedEvents parameter in the url:'Loaded*20a*20Page~'$identify)~dateRange~(type~'in*20the*20last~window~(unit~'day~value~30)))

I know this is not ideal but it does the job if you needed to visualize a particular activity feed with no identify events.
The important part here is that your user feed should not be cluttered with identify events. Your implementation is probably calling identify too many times if it is on every page.

The best practices implementing Mixpanel identity management suggest to only call identify when your user is signing up or signing in. Our recommendation would be to review your implementation and make sure you are only calling identify at sign up or login.

Here are some resources about identity management for you to review: