Hide Custom Events in Flow to be able to see Raw Events

  • 9 September 2021
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Hey! I see custom events in my flow, but I would like also to be able to hide them, so that teh flow will show the raw events, if I prefer so. For example, I have a Custom Event that is either Event A or Event B, i.e.: C = A or B

Now, in the flow I see event C, but I cannot know if it was A or B what actually happened, therefore, I would like to hide C and see A or B showing in the flow :)


Is it possible to do that? and if yes, how? and if not, is it planned?




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Hi @Ma Na

Since you have created a custom event C which includes Event A and Event B and you want to see those in the flows rather than the custom event, might I suggest you that you do the following:

Step 1: Right click on the custom event C and click on “Expand by Property”

Step 2: Type “$event_name” and select that.

This would show you what is the contribution of Event A and Event B respectively in the Flow.

Hope this helps