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  • 11 January 2021
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Hello people, I’m new to mixpanel and data analytics. I would like to understand what percentage of my previous buyers are returning and bought again / month. I’m using Unbounded Retention and set the days from Dec 1 to Dec 31 and weekly view. My graph looks like this:


But I don't quite understand how to interpret this graph. Can somebody please explain me how to calculate my average monthly retention ? 


Best answer by Muffaddal Qutbuddin 13 January 2021, 17:45

and change the week report to month to get the monthly retention.

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Let’s understand this with a cohort of users that performed the first event on Nov, 30 2020.


What this row is saying is that 13 users performed the first event on Nov, 30. Of those users, 46% perform the second event within the same week. Now of those 13 users 7.69% of users performed the second event a week later. And no one of those 13 performed the second event on the 2nd week. So the one-week retention is 7.7% for Nov 30th users.
The same goes for cohorts of other dates.


Now the average retention shows the summary of all the dates. So of 100% users, 13.95% users came next week and 5.3% came a week later. The trend line above shows the same.  





I hope I was able to help to understand the retention report.




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and change the week report to month to get the monthly retention.