Having trouble comparing users month to month

  • 4 May 2021
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Hi I am trying to create retention metrics based on users month to month use of the app. When I try to create a retention graph, all I can manage to create is how many times users use the app per month, but what I need is a graph that shows how many users used the app x times in y month and x times in y- 1 month. Here are the questions I am trying to solve:


  • Retention rate = % of users who had an app session last month, that also had an app session this month. E.g. May retention rate = % of users who used Trip in April that also used Trip in May. Please show the retention rate for all months in line graph

  • churn rate = 1-retention rate. E.g. May churn rate = % of users who used Trip in April that DID NOT use Trip in May. Please show churn rate for all months in line graph.

  • # of app sessions per MAU: show the average and the median


Can someone help me figure out how to display this on the dashboard? Thank you!


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Hi @ejcurtis you will be able to measure this using cohorts over time which you can then pull into insights so you can apply a formula to get your ratios. Have a look and let me know if that helps?