Group URLs in insights report to show as single page view category

  • 14 January 2021
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I’m building an insights report to show the ranking of Most to Least viewed application pages. Our customers can view analytics within our product for each employee. The URL structure is: “.com/employees/1”, “.com/employees/2”, “.com/employees/3” and so on. These are all the same type of page, populated with different employee-specific data.


I want to be able to group these pages together, so I can report on them as a type of page — ie. “Employee Pages”. As you can see below, they are being reported on as unique pages today. I’d like to be able to group the 4 I’ve outlined below to reflect as one row, in this example the type of page “Employee Pages” would be tied for the #2 most viewed page. 



Please note: Our URL structure also includes “.com/employees/” + “overview” or may list another section name after the #, making it hard to utilize filters. 


Has someone achieved this goal? Perhaps it’s my limited knowledge of custom property formulas. Any and all help is appreciated!


Thank you.

1 reply

This is an edited photo of what I’m trying to achieve by grouping similar URLs: