Group and aggregate event properties

  • 11 November 2020
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Hey all, in the Insights report, is it possible to group an event property to aggregate the event’s count? Here’s an example to illustrate better:

I have Event A, with Event Property B that is a string. Event A can be triggered multiple times while having the same Event Property B, or different ones. So I could have A {B: “one”} triggered 10 times for User1, and also A {B: “two”} triggered 3 times for User1 as well. User2 could have A {B: “three”} triggered 5 times.

Now what I want to do is to generate the report such that it will tell me on average, for each distinct Event Property B, how many times Event A happened?

I tried visualizing using the Breakdown by Event Property B in the report but there are too many distinct Bs that it wouldn’t help get the data.

Any idea if this is possible and how to do it?

4 replies

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Hi Elvin,


Is this something like what you’re looking for? but that you have more than 10,000 event properties so that the chart doesn’t show you all the data? If so, one workaround is to append to the URL “/?limit=50000” to expose more event properties.


Can I ask, what is it that you’re trying to solve by getting a breakdown of all the event property?

@Peishan thank you for your response!

The link that you shared is similar to what I have setup at the moment, which had too many items and I can’t get the aggregated data from it. By setting the limit (which is a very helpful note, thanks!) would also not help in my case too.

To put more context behind what I wanted to achieve:

You can think of the app like a photo editor. So there are several steps that a user might make before they download their edited photo. Each steps are triggered as Event A in this instance, and the unique photo projects are stored as Event Property B. Basically then I wanted to know the average steps taken per project, and that is a metric that we would want to improve over time for efficiency purposes.

Does that help to clarify?

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Thanks for the clarification! 

So from what I understand, here’s an example of your event setup, where the $distinct_id denotes your individual user, whereas your project_id denotes the project that the user is using. 

Event Name $distinct_id project_id
Edit Photo Elvin abc
Edit Photo Elvin abc
Edit Photo Elvin def
Edit Photo Peishan xyz


Right now, in your project, you easily calculate the average events per user, but you’d like to calculate the average events per project. This is possible, but you’d need to have Group Analytics for this. Here’s some documentation on Group Analytics:


Here’s also a demo project that you can use to play around with Group Analytics:

In this example, you can see that the average “Create Support Ticket” event per user is 1.2 when calculated at the user level, while at the company level, the average is 1.4. 


Does that answer your question?

@Peishan thanks for the details! Yes that would be what I’m looking for. Appreciate it!