Group Analytics: How to compare usage to a group property

  • 24 March 2021
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Hi all. Sorry if this is a basic questions but I’m new to MixPanel. 

I’d like to understand utilization of licenses on monthly basis by group (aka company).  

For example: Company A has 50 licenses: How many / what portion of the those 50 licenses are being used?

  • I believe usage would be measured by user activity in Mixpanel
  • Would I have “Licensed Users = 50” as a custom property on the group/company?
  • How can I compare the MAU for that group relative to the “Licensed Users” group property.

Ideally I would like to generate a report that looks something like this...

January 2021 Licensed Users Active Users Utilization (%)
Company A 50 40 80%
Company B 100 90 90%
Company C 10 10 100%


Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks in advance for your help. 



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Is this even possible?

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Mixpanel Group Analytics allows behavioral data analysis at a customized group level (such as account, device—or any other way you want to assess your business).

Historically, Mixpanel grouped events by a single identifier called the distinct_id. This ultimately grouped events by the individual user. Group Analytics allows you to use an identifier other than the distinct_id, such as company ID, account ID, project ID, or billing ID.

Group Analytics is available as an add-on package to customers on Growth and Enterprise plans.

You can read more about group analytics here-