Graph of data points without grouping by a time period?

  • 1 October 2019
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For a report, I'd like to show a line graph of data values (possibly calculated by a formula) but with NO grouping by time period. The x axis would be time but the graph would just be a line connecting the various data points.

Is this possible? Would applying a breakdown help (where the breakdown is on a unique property)?

5 replies

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Hey @terps,

The Insights report allows you see a line graph where the x-axis is time, and y-axis is the value of the event, cohorts, or profiles. Additionally, towards the bottom of the segmentation, there is section to add formulas.

I have gone ahead and attached a screenshot of my dummy report to show you how to set it to a line graph view on your report.

Hopefully this is helpful for you. If it does not get to what you are trying to accomplish, happy to look further into it with more details so we can figure it out together. :)


Thanks for the reply! However, was looking for a way to get a line graph without having the data grouped by any time period (hour, day, month, etc). ie, Just a graph of data points.

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No worries, happy to help out @terps! To make sure I am understanding your question, would you mind sharing why you would not like the group by a time section? Is there something you are trying to accomplish with this?

It kinda sounds like you would like the x-axis to show the time period (hour day, month, etc) in the line graph but not have the "Last 30 Days" section in Insights to group the data?

Sorry for all the Qs, just trying to get as much info to help!


Thanks for the reply and help. Its so we are able to track individual occurrences. Looking for something like the following (sample screenshot from Excel), showing five separate data points without any grouping :

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@terps thanks for providing the screenshot! It sounds like a raw scatter plot would do the trick here -- but depending on how much data you have, you would still need to organize it in a way that is readable — so you would still need to define exactly what you are looking for in the query builder.

Have you noticed the Total/Unique/Avg/etc function in Insights? If you select "total", then Insights will show you a total count of the event, within a selected date range, plotted according to the min/hour/day/week/month/etc. So the grouping that you want to avoid is not in the X axis, it is actually in the total/unique function of the query builder.

If you want to see individual occurrences, you would need to breakdown the count by a unique property so that the TOTAL count is PER the selected property. Try breaking your report down by "User ID", which will show you the Total/Unique count per user — or you could take it one step further and break it down by "User ID" AND "Time" so that you can see a Total/Unique count per user per time the event was triggered. I attached a screenshot to see how this set will look like on the new query builder.