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  • 10 June 2022
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In Google Data Studio we can add controls like Scorecard, TimeSeries, Bar, Pie, etc. controls and bind these controls with data sources. Is this is possible with MixPanel? If yes can someone please point out me some documentation for adding controls?


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7 replies

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@imranku07 I’m not very familiar with those features in Google Data Studio, are you able to share some links?

I do know if you want different visualisations you can adjust that in the top right of each report as shown below, you might find our sample datasets here helpful to understand the fullness of the controls.


The control can be anything like DropDown, Chart, Pie which can be bind to data source

This means we have limited number of controls in MixPanel. How can I create a chart by binding it with JQL data source? I am data returned from JQL main function?



Any update for converting JQL into chart like example in this link



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As we are investing highly in our queries most of the reports can easily be done on the report UI (including the JQL you shared). Do you have a reason to want to do this via JQL? 

We also have insight report API so you can take the data into Data Studio but again im not sure what the gain is

We have complex SQLs in BigQuery that used for bind certain data controls in Data Studio.

So, we are evaluating how to do the same in MixPanel. We can translate from SQL to JQL but if we can’t use the data returned by JQL in dashboard then it will be problematic for us.

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So to your question, no JQL can not be used in Mixpanel dashboards.

We do have as I said many APIs for export and import


Yeah saw the export Mixpanel data to BigQuery guide which will be helpful in our case. Thanks for update Alon.