Getting incorrect Funnels

  • 4 June 2019
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I have created a funnel for the user onboarding flow which contains 7 mixpanel events. This Funnel was looking good until 2nd May, but started behaving weirdly there after. When I am looking at the funnel it shows ~4% completion only but when i compare individual event through insight i get huge count.

Looking at the screenshots it is clear that the events are being generated but the Funnels are not getting it correctly, Can i know what is the issue here? What I have to do from app or from Mixpanel dashboard to make them count as it is?

1 reply

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Hi @rakeshostwal,

Before going into your question, I felt like it might be valuable to take a few steps back and give some added background on Funnels. What makes a Funnels report a Funnels report is the $distinct_id that is sent to Mixpanel with each event. The $distinct_id field is used to identify a single user and follow them from step 1, into step 2, into step 3 etc. When a report is calculated, Mixpanel takes a snapshot of unique $distinct_id values that triggered the first event, and from that list they see which $distinct_ids made it to the second step, etc — A $distinct_id that triggered event 2 without triggering event 1 will not show up in the funnel. Then, Mixpanel follows that pool of ids through the subsequent events, calculating the drop off as they go.

With that in mind, the calculations from the Funnels report will be different from the Insights report since they work differently. It could be that you can make the first step in Funnels match the event count from the Insights reports if they both are calculating from unique counts only. However, the rest of the steps in the Funnel count might be different to Insights due to their different behavior. To learn more about each report I would take a look at their Funnels Deep Dive article and their Insights Overview article. Hope that helps!