Funnels: Using property from Step 1 as a filter for Step 2

  • 6 March 2021
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Hello everyone!

I don’t think is a very uncommon funnel flow so I’m hoping others have went through this with positive results.

Case: A user places an order, they receive a specific discount code to encourage them to repurchase

Report: How are conversions on the discount codes we’ve sent?

Here’s my faithful attempt:

Naturally, I’d like to think I could say “Step 2’s Discount Code = Step 1’s Discount Code” but no such luck.

Would love to see how others have addressed this!

Thanks in advance for reading and participating. :)


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@macchiato what Mixpanel does is it backfills/forwardfills any property not available in any of the steps. So example in case of backfill say step 1 don’t have a property and report is broken down by step 2’s property Mixpanel will backfill step 1 with that property. Same goes for forward fill. here is a good article on it.


you can try two things;

first, if same property exist in both steps then try to filter both steps with same filter i.e discount code. 

second breakdown by step 2 discount property this can also  get you what you want. because Mixpanel associates the conversion to the property of the last step so if you see your discount code in the breakdown list that means the conversion was actually because of that coupon.  



Thanks for the insight @Muffaddal Qutbuddin :)

I'm trying to gauge how I'd be able to apply a filter to see discount code performance if I don't know the discount code. Given that situation, I'm trying to find at least one approach where I can successfully show "Discount A converted, Discount B didn't, therefore average conversion is 50%". I'm assuming a breakdown won't quite get me that easily for the dashboard.

I'll give what you've shared a go and report back if I'm able to solve it. Always happy to learn more if you or others have more to share!

Thank you for the suggestions so far! I think I have a similar challenge where I currently cannot wrap my head around:

We provide a sort-of CRM module where users can create new contacts and write them a message. Now, I would like to connect the “create contact X” and “send message to X”.

I have the following assumptions:

- The breakdown wouldn’t work because I’m not interested in specific contacts X, Y or Z

- The “Last touch” wouldn’t work because I’m not interested in a “per session” view. Instead, I want to know the time between creation and message send for the same contact, not for the same session.

I.e., users in the same session might create new contacts X, Y and Z but write a message to their contact D they created a while ago.

Do you have any ideas on how to analyze that?