Funnel logic with breakdown on property in only first step

  • 20 September 2019
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I have a funnel with four steps:

  1. Search
  2. Click
  3. View
  4. Put in basket

Our search has multiple sorting types, such as recommended, price ascending, price descending. The "sorting type" is only on the first event, namely "Search".

What happens exactly to the funnel calculation when I make the breakdown by "sorting type"? Does one user with a distinct ID that searches both "recommended" and "price asc" end up twice in a funnel, even if they only continued to the next step from one sorting type?

2 replies

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Hey @dylan,

Funnels will specifically looks for users following them by distinct ID (James does a pretty good break down here about how funnels work).

Regarding your question, if I am understanding correctly it sounds like you want to know how the break down of event property effects the search of the Funnel. If you filter an event by an event property, it would specifically look for users who fit the criteria in the Funnel set-up. So if your first Funnel step is Search -> where event property sorting type is set, then the Funnel report will look for users who fit this criteria (will exclude users who do not have Sorting type set). If you specifically search for Funnel step Search -> where sorting type recommended equals "recommended" and "Price asc", this search will specifically look for only people who fit this first criteria and then go on to do the rest of your funnels steps. So if you have a user who did both "recommended" and "price asc", it will count them in the first step.

One more thing I will add is taking into account how unique and total counts affect your Funnel set up (unique is single entry per user and total is multiple entries per user). I have found this Conversion Details article pretty useful to get more details on it.

Hope this helps you out Dylan!


Thank you for your answer, but it's still a bit unclear to me what happens with people who use both search sorting type. Imagine this:

Distinct IDTimeEventSorting
108:05SearchPrice asc

And I would now make a funnel that tracks uniques from Search to Click, and breakdown on Sorting. Does search than contain 1 or 2 people (because of two types of sorting)? Or only the first event in Search, and therefore only Recommended?