Formula using events and properties

  • 6 July 2020
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hello - I’m trying to do a calculation where I multiply an event by the number in a property.

I have a trucking app where users add loads to the platform tracked by the event; loadAddedSuccess.

That event has a property; number of loads (number up to 10). I’d like to multiply the event by the number f loads property to get a total number of loads added. Is this possible?   

2 replies

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Hi @Swaidelich 


This should be possible within the functionality already in Insights.

When you select between Totals, Uniques etc you should see a number of other Data Functions, one of these being “Aggregate Property Values”. Under this you can select Sum, which will give you the sum of all the properties against the events being fired.


Take a look at the examples in the help article linked above, and let me know whether this solves your problem.


Thanks a lot,



Thanks so much Matt.