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  • 2 March 2022
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I am trying to use the flow report but is not making sense for me the way it is working.


When i generate the report without any hidden events, it shows me that there were 306 “CliquesSolicitarNovaConsultaSC” after “acessoSolicitaçãoConsulta”, but i when i hide the events, this number increases to 366. So, my question is: Why it increases? Shouldn’t it be the same?


Hidden events case
Unhidden events



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Hi @JoaoMoraes

The mechanics of the Hide Event function in the Flows report is to filter out the events you're not interested in.

This means that the percentage of people that reached your goal event in flows will change as you hide an event because that event is not considered in the user flow.

Hope this helps clarify why the number increases?