Flow report shows an impossible order of events

  • 18 April 2021
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We want to track user activity, how they move through our product. Unfortunately, we have a problem with creating reports when using the "Flows" and "Funnels" functions. We can't use this function correctly, because it shows us an impossible order of events.

The problem is that some events are triggered in an order, which is simply impossible to do while using the app.

Correct order of events:

- First App Open
- Start Screen Shown (event fires when the «welcome screen» is shown to the user)
- Onboarding Show (event fires when the user taps on the «Get started» button on the welcome screen)

We checked the «Flows» tab and noticed that the order of events was broken. If the data from the screen below is right, then it means that 41% of users triggered the «Onboarding Show» event before the «Start Screen Shown» event. Yet this is impossible because, in order to trigger the «Onboarding Show» event, you need to click on the button on the welcome screen, which fires the «Start Screen Shown» events:


To analyze this situation, we created a cohort of users with a broken order of events. However, in the timeline of events the order is correct:


We noticed that in Activity Feed, the order by “Time” property is correct. However, the “Time Processed” property shows that «Start Screen Shown» event occurred later than «Onboarding Show» event. Based on this fact, we concluded that «Flow»  collects steps based on “Time Processed” values. In our opinion, this may be a bug. Because we have no influence on what time the event that we sent will be processed by the Mixpanel server. So it makes it impossible to fix the problem on our side.

Is our conclusion right? How can we fix the problem to get correct event order in Flow report?

3 replies

I have the same problem.
Your conclusion makes sense.
Mixpanel Please advise.

This also happens to us.


We can’t really use flows right now and are thinking about only using funnels which seems counter productive.

Did anyone found any solution on this problem to solve the issue of events getting logged in miss-matched ?sequence?