Flow breaks when I add a tracking event from my website to my webapp

  • 14 August 2020
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I’ve got a simple signup flow figured out inside of my web app, that is working as intended. 



I have another tracking code on my marketing site (attached to a signup button) that I would like to add as the first step in this flow. My problem is that when I add it, it removes all the data past that one button click.


Does anyone know what would be causing this? I’d love to see the flow originating from the marketing website signup button.

1 reply

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Hi @bryanm 


Does this happen exactly the same if you create a Funnel with these exact steps? Do you see 100% drop off after the marketing step?


From your Flow above it looks like you only have 3 users who received the marketing information, so it’s entirely possible that they did not then go onto your pricing page. This is why recreating this in Funnels will show you whether this is the case or not.


Thanks a lot,