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  • 12 November 2020
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I’m looking at a funnel report to understand the steps a user takes after a specific event happens. In the Sankey diagram that is displayed there is a number shown for this event a which represents something to do with users. My question is how should I interpret that first number?

Is this the total number of users that performed this event over the specific time period you’ve selected?

Is it the total number of user & path combinations?

Or is it something else?

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Hi Jim,

I’m not entirely sure I know what event / number you are referring to, so I though of using an example and analyzing it here:

This graph shows us that from all the people who signed up over the last 30 days, 48.8% watched a video first while 18.5% clicked on “Like” first and only 7.3% Purchased directly after signing up. 

But what is the most common journey these users have taken? Clicking on the Sign up bar will show you:

People usually watch a video after signing up, then they like some content, then they purchase. 

Does this help answer your question?