Find all users who did one event then one or more of several events.

  • 20 December 2021
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I want to track how much interaction a set of groups each are getting on my site. I would like to track how many users did one event (showed interest in a particular group), then at least ONE of several different events (interacted with the group). In this way, the report should be group specific (all events for the group will share a group property).


With my first thought, I went to funnel because the user needs to execute the first event, but I am unable to show if they have done at least one of the several next events. Currently I am using compare events but this does not take into account duplicates (if a user did more than one event, should not be counted twice). It roughly gives what I am looking for but not exactly. 


I have looked at this post, which is similar but does not take into account the funnel aspect (I need the first event done before checking the next set of events). The reason I would like to see this is I would like to also monitor drop off. 


Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance. 


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Hi!  I think I have a solution for you.  To analyze users that did one of several different events I recommend you create a custom event like this one: 


Here is some documentation on custom events:


Then you can analyze a funnel based on this custom event like this:


Let me know if this still falls short.  Always love diving into these issues. 




For all future people, above answer is exactly what I was looking for.