Filtering Users with more than 1 property doesn't work?

  • 7 August 2019
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I want to identify the number of users in different stages of their journey. So I go to Users --> Explore and select a specific event, e.g. Users that did "onboarding_coachprofile_setup_submit" - i.e. users who have completed their profiles.

However, these results include our internal team members so I want to FILTER results by adding another property, such as "groupid" for a specific domain name.

But this doesn't work and I get 0 results when instead I should be getting e.g. 11 out of 12 back (knowing that only 1 user is our internal team member that completed that specific event).

Is there a way I can use both filtering variables? Or can someone advise what else I can do in this case?


2 replies

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Hi @inga, I am not sure if I am completely understanding your question but I might be able to better help if you share a screenshot of what you are currently setting up.

From what I am understanding is that you want to search for people who did a certain event AND filter out people who are coming from a certain, lets say email domain from your Explore report. If so, I have shared a screenshot below to help guide you in filtering properties that you might want to exclude.

Below I set a searching criteria of Users That Did App Install At Least 1 time, in the last 7 Days. I then added a "Add new Group" to add a condition of AND for User that DO NOT HAVE Email contains After that, I added another AND condition for Users That Have Country equals United States.

I hope this helps get you started!


Hi Monica, thanks for the above. Your method works. Instead of adding a new group (i.e. B, and C) - I was trying to apply a "FILTER" to the group A and that's why wasn't getting the results I was looking for. Either way, thanks for taking the time - appreciate it!