Filtering/Breakdown event with property of another event

  • 8 June 2019
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Can I break down/ filter an event of interest using properties from a different event?

e.g. We've tag user searches into two distinct categories. I am interested in understanding what the users are interested in via the search result option boxes they select.

I want to see the programs users are interested in for the first type of search, therefore, I think I want to filter the event program by the property type of search under event autocomplete.

Something like...

Show total

Event 1 by Property 1(of event 1)

Filter by Property 3 (of event 2)


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Hi @jclo! From my understanding, properties that are populated under a certain event can only be attached to that event. Thus, I do not think you can search for other event properties in another event. You could get around this by creating a customer event...

I know you mentioned that in your implementation, when you capture an event it happens when a user searches, and depending on what they search, that populates the property of that event? If so, I would like to know more about your use case to see if there might be another report we could use!